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Delicious Food. Exceptional Service.

Aroma Buena Catering was born in 2006 by ​​Ivan Valencia. Through his hard work, he helped position Aroma Buena as one of the leading catering companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a wonderful, unique array of delicious, fresh, authentic, and healthy fare.

In 2019, Patricia Herrera took over. Since then, we've tried to maintain the same values ​​with which our company was founded, while also keeping up with new food trends and services in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. We also expanded from only offering catering services to opening a sit-down café, becoming Aroma Buena Catering & Café.

Aroma Buena Catering & Cafe

Catering Services

Learn more about Aroma Buena Catering and view our menu to learn about the delicious dishes we can offer when catering your party, event, or meeting.

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Learn more about the Aroma Buena Cafe and view our menu to learn about the delicious dishes we serve 6 days a week.

Aroma Buena Catering offers a popular and diverse array of delightfully delectable dishes, including:

  • Local, Seasonal, Californian Cuisine

  • Traditional, American Favorites, Outdoor Grilling/Barbecue

  • Sandwich Lunch Box, Salad Box Lunch, Salad Bar, Latin Grill, Taco Bar Options

  • Our Celebrated Specialty, “Hispano World Cuisine”:   A choice selection of Spanish, Iberian, Latino, and Caribeno-Influenced specialties from countries and regions such as Spain, South America including Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, the Philippines, and Mexican locales such as Oaxaca and Yucatán.

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